About me

Sabine Mark

Looking back I realized how sports have always played a major role for me and took huge influence on my path of life. Practicing gymnastics and the discipline of Rope Skipping I was used to competition and travelling to sports events from my youngest till my late teenage years. Its there where I first got in touch with the healing art of bodywork and the fascination of the human anatomy. Driven by my curiosity by the age of 16 I started to help out after school for a physiotherapist in return of his knowledge. Later on during my academic studies to achieve my M.A. in Cultural Anthropology, History of Arts and Philosophy, I travelled many countries of Europe, Asia, North Africa, New Zealand, Central America and lived and worked in Costa Rica (2011/2012). Massage therapy kept being my constant passion and I kept asking and practicing where ever I went and got the chance to learn something new. I got taught from people, ranging from highly educated within the field to older persons who carried a huge amount of wisdom that was passed through generations and had a complete different approach to our human bodies and our physical health compared to what I had learned so far. This variety of perspectives kept inspiring me and taught me that massage therapy is so much more than just a relaxing spa visit. Coming to the Algarve for the first time in 2003 I discovered my love to the ocean, surfing and this stunningly beautiful spot on our planet. Ever since I kept returning and finally decided to come back for good in 2014. I finally found myself ready to settle, to leave my academic career behind and dedicate my life to my real passion: The Art of Bodywork. In the same year ‘Surf & Flow’ was founded and thanks to my outstanding Mentor Cuco Wallraff at ‘Massage & Wellness Akademie Berlin’ (Germany) I achieved official Education and Certification as a Massagetherapist.  Ever since I enjoy the great collaboration with a growing number of Hotels, Surf Schools and Yoga Retreats on the South(West) Algarve as much as my regular private home visits.