Deep Tissue Massage

Speaking with my clients I realized that there often exists a misconception that ‘firm pressure’ equals ‘deep tissue massage’. Firm pressure and strokes can also be used for a Swedish Massage if that is requested. Still the result will be a more generalized sense of relaxation.

So what’s the real difference? Deep tissue technique uses very little to no lubricant so that the muscles can be hooked or grabbed, thereby stretching and lengthening them, and to separate adhered muscle compartments. Strokes will be considerably slower and possibly shorter as I will be looking for a slow release of tension. Doing this provides better alignment of the muscles and less restriction in the joints, thereby improving their movement and function. It is a massage in which the primary goal is less about general relaxation and more about promoting change in specific structures of your body. After the session and sometimes into the next day you may feel some tenderness or mild soreness. Given this fact, it is a great chance to give some more dedication to your sore body. Do some light stretching, a mellow walk outside, stay hydrated and get a good night’s rest after this type of treatment. The result is often significant pain relief, greater freedom of movement, and a more fluid sense of balance in the body.