Trigger Point Treatment

This is a bodywork technique that involves the application of pressure to tender muscle tissue, to these well-known ‘knots’,  in order to relieve pain and dysfunction that might also result in other parts of our bodies.

But what are actually Trigger Points and how will I be working with you to release them?

Causing an overload of the muscle can lead to a continuous contraction of the smallest functional elements of a muscle, the so called ‘sarcomeres’. This leads to a compression of the vessels, which reduces the energy supply. It is a complex electrochemical process and in moments of overload becomes a “weak link in the chain” of muscular functioning, and the failure of the muscle’s control mechanism is responsible for the activation of trigger points. But muscle overload can come in several different flavours. Some of them are more obvious and some of them are more elusive. Understanding what causes trigger points to occur and reoccur in your body’s muscles is absolutely critical to achieve a successful treatment and is based on communication and patience.  Thats why I appreciate if you bring enough time for this type of session.  I will introduce you to the importance of your own breath within this treatment and step by step relieve your pain, reeducate your muscles into pain-free habits, increase range of motion and improve your flexibility and coordination.