Word of Mouth

We have had great experiences with Sabine! In a gentle way while drifting off into deep relaxation she’s releasing deep tensions from yoga blockages to old injuries! Being very passionate about her work and she has a sweet loving vibe that she shares with all of our guests.”
-Amwo Wolfs, Wolfs Yoga Retreats Portugal-

"Sabine has a holistic, intuitive approach, combined with great knowledge of the body. Her touch is gentle and soft, while really going deep into the tissue with time and patience. She allows space for your body to relax, to soften and to heal. This way the massage works deeply into the body. Wonderful! After 90 minutes of treatment, I went for a nap to give my body a rest and allow the massage therapy to continue to work. I was healing. I felt rejuvenated and very relaxed. We work with Sabine in our yoga retreat for our students. We had amazing feedback from every single one of them. Don’t miss out!"
-Lot Wolfs, Wolfs Yoga Retreats Portugal-


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"We have three hotels in Sagres and have asked Sabine of Surf&Flow Massage to offer all our guests her various massage treatments as we believe she provides an exceptionally high level of service. We have had many comments from our hotel guests complimenting her and would have no hesitation in recommending her."

-Ian and Mary Mckenzie-Howard
/Owners of Sagres Holidays lda.-

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The massage was extremely relaxing and the next day my aches and pains felt much better. Sabine put so much time and effort into my pregnancy massage, making sure I was comfortable throughout.”

Lisa Howardson, Australia